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Welcome to my blog!

This is where I write about writing, coding, game design, and whatever else I think you might be interested in. Have a request for a topic? Drop me a line, and I'll write a post!

Be Your Own Audience

Have a project that you’re feeling burnt out on? This may just help. It does for me!

Keyless Entry

You know you’ve been typing too much when…


Probably the most successful game I’ve ever created…. Ninja!

The World’s Easiest Word Game

Every once in a while, it’s nice to have an easy word game. Here’s one that starts easy, but gets surprisingly challenging. It works great in a small classroom or on a family road trip, and is appropriate for all ages.

Free games on other sites

Looking for more free games? I’ve started compiling a list of other sites that list free games. Enjoy!

Classic Pocket Games

Pocket games are activities you keep in your pocket, fun things to do during long car rides or whenever the world around you has grown too boring. I didn’t create these games. They’re all public domain classics – but still a ton of fun!

Gesture Race

Gesture Race is the perfect game to enhance your daily routine. It’s particularly fun on car rides, or in any situation where the

Say the Word

A fun (and funny) lifestyle game that has players secretly trying to get each other to say certain words. Easy to play, and one game can spice up an entire week!

Web Portfolio

How do you turn a kid on a bike into a web developer? Well, this is how my dad did it, with links to some of my current work.

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I try my best to respond to every piece of correspondence I receive, whether that’s an email, letter, or social media message. If you contact me and don’t hear from back, it means something probably happened to your first correspondence. Please try again!