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I've been visiting elementary and middle schools since 2013, when Dragon Run was first published.
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Finding Your Dragons

(30 to 45 minutes long)

How do you find the dragons you need to write an amazing story? This interactive presentation explains how to write a compelling story, and helps students figure out how to identify the story elements that will be most effective for them. This presentation can be tailored to groups of all ages, from grade 3 all the way up to adult writers.

Previous school visits

Pace Brantley
Keeth Elementary
Sterling Park Elementary
Lawton Elementary
Highlands Elementary
North Star Elementary
Choices in Learning Elementary
Geneva Elementary
Holy Trinity
Episcopal Academy
Bentley Elementary
Lake Mary Preparatory School
Annunciation Catholic Academy
Edgewater Public School
Layer Elementary
Midway Elementary
Discovery Elementary
Osteen Elementary
Glen Acres

Book Discussions

(20 to 45 minutes long)

Do you have a group that has read Abigail's Dragons, Bradley's Dragons, The Boy With The Sword, or Dragon Run? I'll do a deep dive into the book of your choice, answering questions, fleshing out details, explaining decisions, and giving the story behind the story. This discussion can be tailored for any age, from grade 3 all the way up to adult writers.

Writing the Details

(30 to 45 minutes long, grades 3 through 8)

In this talk, I focus on the use of details in writing. Are details important to a story? Why? How can they improve it? More importantly, how can writers find the right details? Using specific examples from both from my writing and from other popular works of fiction, I engage the students in an interactive discovery of how each of us can come up with the most effective details for our stories.

This presentation can be adjusted for any grade or level of writing expertise.

Getting Creative

(30 to 45 minutes long)

What does it mean to create? How does it feel? Is there a process that works better than others? Using specific examples from both my writings and my games, this presentation dives into how to be creative. It helps both kids and adults think in new ways, and tap into their own creative selves. It also shows them how to avoid some of the pitfalls that can discourage creativity.