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Six Questions is a series of interviews with writers, artists, and creators of all sorts. I hope you find them as fascinating as I do!

6 Questions with Lynn Whipple

Lynn with Flower Painting

Meet Lynn Whipple, award-winning artist, writer, and teacher!

6 Questions with Tom Jolly

Tom Jolly

Tom Jolly’s an award winning game designer, as well as a prolific short story writer. His new novel, An Unusual Practice, will be out any day now!

6 Questions with Jack Degnan

Jack Degnan

This week’s chat is with Jack Degnan, award-winning game designer and TAGIE award-winner!

6 Questions with Kim Vandenbroucke

Kim Playing Build Up

A chat with Kim Vandenbroucke, award-winning game designer and host of The Game Aisle!

6 Questions with Stacie Ramey

Stacie Ramey

Meet Stacie Ramey, award-winning YA author!

6 Questions with Judith Keim

Judith Keim

6 Questions with Judith Keim, author of romantic women’s fiction!

6 Questions with Linda Dunlap

Linda Dunlap

6 Questions with short story writer extraordinaire, Linda Dunlap!

6 Questions with Caradoc Pritchard

Giles Pritchard

6 Questions with Giles Pritchard, RPG writer!

6 Questions with Colleen McCarthy-Evans

Colleen McCarthy-Evans

A chat with Colleen about picture book writing, game design, and inspiration

6 Questions with Catherine Bailey

Lucy Loves Sherman's Beach

6 Questions with Catherine Bailey!