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I don’t write about coding too often, so these articles are a mix of coding tips and other general techie issues that I've run up against.

Web Portfolio

How do you turn a kid on a bike into a web developer? Well, this is how my dad did it, with links to some of my current work.

Javascript/CSS fader without jQuery

Here’s a simple little quote fader that uses javascript and css, but no external libraries. It’s short, easy to understand, and quick to implement. Enjoy!

CSS Classes: Get Combinational!

A quick word about CSS classes for web designers and developers who are just getting started. It’s a simple trick, but it’ll make your life much easier – especially if you want to maintain the code you write.

Web 101

Ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes when you visit a web site or send an email? Here’s a quick summary.

WordPress outside of WordPress

Need to display WordPress blog entries outside of WordPress? Here are a couple answers!

Missing Facebook’s Share Button?

Sometimes, Facebook’s Like button isn’t what you need. Here’s an option that lets the user post directly to their Facebook wall. It’s kind of like the old Facebook Share button, but better.