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Writing requires a surprising mix of creativity, endurance, and courage. It presents moments both of extreme challenge and of unbelievable elation. I hope these articles can help you with your own writing journey.

Almost Ready…

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The Boy With The Sword

Ready for the sequel to Dragon Run? I know I am!

Goodbye Games for Educators

Posted in Games & Writing

We all have to walk away from projects sometimes. It’s great to see this one continue without me!

Getting emotional on the new year

Posted in Life & Writing

This started as a New Year’s article, but went quickly to a writing problem I’m struggling with. I hope you enjoy it!

A surprise poem

Posted in Life & Writing

Four Children Gone

Have you ever written a poem just for yourself? It’s an idea I never paid much attention to, until now.

Want to be a writer? Listen.

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Its the ultimate question, and it took me a while to come up with an answer. I hope it helps!

Be Your Own Audience

Posted in Games & Writing

Have a project that you’re feeling burnt out on? This may just help. It does for me!

Write Happy

Posted in Writing

Are you writing happy? I am. Here are some tips how.

Rats in a box

Posted in Life & Writing

A metaphor that’s as disturbing as it is useful.

The Art of Being Critiqued: 7 Rules to Die by

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How do you not just survive a critique session, but benefit from it? Here are seven guidelines that might help.

Interview at AuthorTurf

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I just did a fun interview at Author Turf. It’s easily the longest interview I’ve ever done, with lots of interesting questions.