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Writing requires a surprising mix of creativity, endurance, and courage. It presents moments both of extreme challenge and of unbelievable elation. I hope these articles can help you with your own writing journey.

Arriving on 7/7/2020

Bradley's Dragons

How long does it take to write a novel? This one took more time than most. Here’s its origin story.

Author Visit Online

Author visit online

Interested in an author visit? I’m offering them online for free during the coronavirus!

Characters in the world

Train Station

Every writer defines their characters in a different way. Here’s how I start, when I’m creating mine.

Writing Life: Reviews

We all get reviews: at work, at school, even at home. Writers and game designers get them in a much more public way. How do you deal with them?

The story behind the story

The Boy With The Sword

Curious about The Boy With The Sword? Here’s the story behind the story, how Dragon Run and The Boy With The Sword came to be.

Almost Ready…

The Boy With The Sword

Ready for the sequel to Dragon Run? I know I am!

Getting emotional on the new year

This started as a New Year’s article, but went quickly to a writing problem I’m struggling with. I hope you enjoy it!

A surprise poem

Four Children Gone

Have you ever written a poem just for yourself? It’s an idea I never paid much attention to, until now.

Want to be a writer? Listen.

Its the ultimate question, and it took me a while to come up with an answer. I hope it helps!

Be Your Own Audience

Have a project that you’re feeling burnt out on? This may just help. It does for me!