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Ship of Treasures

Every year, the Chicago Toy and Game Fair hosts a Young Inventor Challenge. One of the 2016 award winners was recently published, and I wrote a review of it for Games for Educators. [I don’t publish that site anymore, but I still write for it]

Here’s an excerpt of the review:

Ship of Treasures is an incredibly well-produced game of piracy for kids ages 8 and up. In it, players take the role of pirates searching a pirate ship for treasure.

Instead of using a traditional game board, Ship of Treasures includes a plastic grid of working plastic hatches, each with its own secret compartment. The box transforms into a pirate ship, and the treasures and cannonballs are hidden beneath the hatches.

Want to read more? Check out the full review at Games for Educators!

Ship of Treasures

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Posted August 27, 2018 in Games