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Goodbye Games for Educators

Back in 2006, Mary Couzin asked me if I would be interested in running a newsletter for her. After getting a bit more information, I realized that I wanted to do way more than that. Sure, I’d run the newsletter, but I also wanted to build a web site, edit the newsletter, and write articles.

What was it that had me jump in so enthusiastically? The mission. Mary wanted to encourage the use of games and toys in education. I did, too. For us, education didn’t just mean classrooms. It means everywhere that kids are being taught and inspired.

In addition to editing and producing the newsletter, I wrote an online game finder, where folks could search by games based on their educational goal and grade level. For example, you could search for math games for 2nd graders, or social skills building for middle schoolers.

The site grew to have a readership of 170,000 users.

Then, unfortunately, life intervened, and I no longer had the time to maintain the site. It degraded.

After languishing for a while, it has been replaced by
https://www.playineducation.com/, which is run by Mary Couzin and Tim Walsh.

It’s good to see the mission continue, and I’m looking forward to watching it flourish once again!

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Posted April 20, 2019 in Life