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6 Questions: an Introduction

A lot of people, myself included, love the idea of creating. Unfortunately, the leap from “I’d love to do this” to “I’m doing it” can be both frightening and impractical. I know it was for me. To be honest, it still is. Every new project feels like a leap of faith. Worse, each time I leap, it takes me a terrifyingly long time to figure out if I’m flying or falling.

The good news is that we’re not alone. Other creators are fighting the same battles we are, struggling to improve their craft, and learning better ways to share their creations. Hearing their stories can be instructional, inspirational, and, perhaps, cautionary.

Over the years, my writing and game design efforts have put me in contact with a wide variety of truly talented creators. “6 Questions” will focus on these people. Each week, I’ll ask a different person six questions about how they do what they do. Writers, game designers, illustrators. . . Each one has traveled a different journey. During this series, we’ll discover those journeys together.

Interviews will be published on Tuesdays, starting on July 9th.

I hope you enjoy them!

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Posted July 1, 2019 in 6 Questions