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This is where I write about writing, coding, game design, and whatever else I think you might be interested in. Have a request for a topic? Drop me a line, and I'll write a post!

The Art of Critique: 6 Rules to Live By

Posted in Writing

Critiquing other people’s work isn’t just a great way to improve their writing. It will help yours, too.

Play and Life

Posted in Life

Just some thoughts on playing and life and how they intertwine… Enjoy!

Wake-up Call

Posted in Life

Sometimes, the clearest thinking comes from an 11-year old.

Five for the hospitals

Posted in Life

Ever been in a hospital? Have any complaints? These are mine.

A debutante’s ball

Posted in Writing

I just did a fun interview as a debutante author. Lots of fun, and there’s a giveaway at the end!

Author Schedule 2013

Posted in Life & Writing

Upcoming events I’ll be attending in 2013. I hope to see you at one!

The Waiting Place

Posted in Writing

Have you ever read a story and thought that the writer was speaking specifically to you? It happened to me the other night, when I realized with Dr. Seuss.

A gallery of dragons!

Posted in Writing

I just launched a gallery of dragons – a place where you can showcase your dragon-drawing talents. Check it out!

Javascript/CSS fader without jQuery

Posted in Techie

Here’s a simple little quote fader that uses javascript and css, but no external libraries. It’s short, easy to understand, and quick to implement. Enjoy!

Come see me at Book Expo America!

Posted in Life & Writing

Hey everyone, I’ll be signing galleys of Dragon Run at Book Expo America on Friday, May 31st at 2:30. I’ll be in the SFWA booth (#2625). If you get a chance, stop by and say hi!