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Rats in a box

Posted in Life & Writing

A metaphor that’s as disturbing as it is useful.

The Art of Being Critiqued: 7 Rules to Die by

Posted in Writing

How do you not just survive a critique session, but benefit from it? Here are seven guidelines that might help.

Interview at AuthorTurf

Posted in Writing

I just did a fun interview at Author Turf. It’s easily the longest interview I’ve ever done, with lots of interesting questions.

The Art of Critique: 6 Rules to Live By

Posted in Writing

Critiquing other people’s work isn’t just a great way to improve their writing. It will help yours, too.

Play and Life

Posted in Life

Just some thoughts on playing and life and how they intertwine… Enjoy!

Wake-up Call

Posted in Life

Sometimes, the clearest thinking comes from an 11-year old.

Five for the hospitals

Posted in Life

Ever been in a hospital? Have any complaints? These are mine.

A debutante’s ball

Posted in Writing

I just did a fun interview as a debutante author. Lots of fun, and there’s a giveaway at the end!

Author Schedule 2013

Posted in Life & Writing

Upcoming events I’ll be attending in 2013. I hope to see you at one!

The Waiting Place

Posted in Writing

Have you ever read a story and thought that the writer was speaking specifically to you? It happened to me the other night, when I realized with Dr. Seuss.