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Welcome to my blog!

This is where I write about writing, coding, game design, and whatever else I think you might be interested in. Have a request for a topic? Drop me a line, and I'll write a post!

Gesture Race

Posted in Games

Gesture Race is the perfect game to enhance your daily routine. It’s particularly fun on car rides, or in any situation where the

Say the Word

Posted in Games

A fun (and funny) lifestyle game that has players secretly trying to get each other to say certain words. Easy to play, and one game can spice up an entire week!

Web Portfolio

Posted in Techie

How do you turn a kid on a bike into a web developer? Well, this is how my dad did it, with links to some of my current work.

Contact Me!

Posted in Life

I try my best to respond to every piece of correspondence I receive, whether that’s an email, letter, or social media message. If you contact me and don’t hear from back, it means something probably happened to your first correspondence. Please try again!

About Me

Posted in Life

Interested in learning more about me? Here’s my bio!

Write Happy

Posted in Writing

Are you writing happy? I am. Here are some tips how.

Rats in a box

Posted in Life & Writing

A metaphor that’s as disturbing as it is useful.

The Art of Being Critiqued: 7 Rules to Die by

Posted in Writing

How do you not just survive a critique session, but benefit from it? Here are seven guidelines that might help.

Interview at AuthorTurf

Posted in Writing

I just did a fun interview at Author Turf. It’s easily the longest interview I’ve ever done, with lots of interesting questions.

The Art of Critique: 6 Rules to Live By

Posted in Writing

Critiquing other people’s work isn’t just a great way to improve their writing. It will help yours, too.