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This is where I write about writing, coding, game design, and whatever else I think you might be interested in. Have a request for a topic? Drop me a line, and I'll write a post!

Fiction in Life

Chocolate Cake

A look at the intersection of life and fiction.

Dragons and You

Dragon Head

What is it that makes dragons so fascinating? As a writer of dragons, I spend a lot of time thinking about this question.

Bradley’s Dragons Giveaway!

Bradley's Dragons Giveaway

Win a signed copy of Bradley’s Dragons and a dragon suncatcher!

Why Publish?

Second Story Up

This is currently my most-asked question. Why did I decided to publish instead of pitching agents and publishers. Here’s my answer. I hope it helps you with your own decision!

Arriving on 7/7/2020

Bradley's Dragons

How long does it take to write a novel? This one took more time than most. Here’s its origin story.

It’s time to stand up

What’s happening in America transcends politics. How will we respond?

Author Visit Online

Author visit online

Interested in an author visit? I’m offering them online for free during the coronavirus!

7 Days of Awesome


With everything that’s going on, we need a bit more awesome. Join me in shining a light where it’s needed most.

Characters in the world

Train Station

Every writer defines their characters in a different way. Here’s how I start, when I’m creating mine.

Writing Life: Reviews

We all get reviews: at work, at school, even at home. Writers and game designers get them in a much more public way. How do you deal with them?