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This is where I write about writing, coding, game design, and whatever else I think you might be interested in. Have a request for a topic? Drop me a line, and I'll write a post!

6 Questions with Catherine Bailey

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Lucy Loves Sherman's Beach

6 Questions with Catherine Bailey!

6 Questions With Kate Jones

Posted in 6 Questions

6 Questions with game designer, artist, and Rennaissance festival aficionado, Kate Jones!

6 Questions: an Introduction

Posted in 6 Questions

Curious about the how writers, game designers, and illustrators do what they do? This series is for you!

Almost Ready…

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The Boy With The Sword

Ready for the sequel to Dragon Run? I know I am!

Potato Pirates!

Posted in Games

Looking for a game that’s not only silly fun, but surprisingly strategic? Check out Potato Pirates, by ThinkFun.

Goodbye Games for Educators

Posted in Games & Writing

We all have to walk away from projects sometimes. It’s great to see this one continue without me!

Getting emotional on the new year

Posted in Life & Writing

This started as a New Year’s article, but went quickly to a writing problem I’m struggling with. I hope you enjoy it!

Enter the Shadows

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Shadows In The Forest

Looking for a completely new board game experience for the upcoming holidays?

Ship of Treasures

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Ship of Treasures

Looking for a fun pirate game for 8-10 year-olds? This one might just fit the bill!

Getting back in the world

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It’s been a couple years since I was published, either as a writer or as a game designer. This quiet period hasn’t been due to any sort of writer’s block or lack of desire. It’s simply been a fact of life. Now, it’s time for me to get back into the world.