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These are my general posts, the ones about life and the random things that happen to all of us. Enjoy!

Getting back in the world

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It’s been a couple years since I was published, either as a writer or as a game designer. This quiet period hasn’t been due to any sort of writer’s block or lack of desire. It’s simply been a fact of life. Now, it’s time for me to get back into the world.

Surviving the news

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A happy thought in a time when the news seems to be an endless stream of dismal darkness.

A surprise poem

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Four Children Gone

Have you ever written a poem just for yourself? It’s an idea I never paid much attention to, until now.

Schrödinger’s Millionaire

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I have discovered a new approach to lottery tickets that leaves me in a perpetual state of possibility.

Feeling brave?

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Is this a game? Yes. Is it also life? Yes. Most of all, though, it’s scary. Flat out scary.

It’s all about character

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I just watched President Obama’s response to the shooting in Oregon… Wow. Seeing the president of the United States – one of the most powerful people in the world – express such helplessness really hit a nerve with me.

Keyless Entry

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You know you’ve been typing too much when…

Contact Me!

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I try my best to respond to every piece of correspondence I receive, whether that’s an email, letter, or social media message. If you contact me and don’t hear from back, it means something probably happened to your first correspondence. Please try again!

About Me

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Interested in learning more about me? Here’s my bio!

Rats in a box

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A metaphor that’s as disturbing as it is useful.