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As a children’s book author, I believe that my place is not in the political arena. I speak and write in terms that are larger than political parties. This post is no different.

I am not writing this as a Democrat or a Republican.

Last night, the president’s men attacked peaceful protesters, clearing the street so he could have a photo taken in front of a church. As more details roll in, the scene becomes something out of a nightmare. Church personnel working outside St. John’s were also cleared away from the church – with tear gas.

There is no valid claim that the protesters were violent, no way to pretend that the clergy of St. John’s were a threat to the president, or that the media was a danger.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, hoping that reform would happen without you, please consider changing your stance. Do not remain silent. Contact your senators and congresspeople.

It appears that the American people now have two battles to fight. The first is the one the protesters have been waging. It’s for the reforms that are needed to ensure the safety, dignity, and opportunity of all civilians, regardless of race, citizenship, or religion. The second is to hold the government accountable for attacking its citizenry, to ensure that what happened last night never happens again.

I said that it appears we have two battles to fight, but they are the same. Our struggle is to establish a society where all of us are free and secure, where no peaceful person is treated with violence.

Regardless of your party affiliation, now is the time to contact your representatives.


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Posted June 2, 2020 in Life