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These are my general posts, the ones about life and the random things that happen to all of us. Enjoy!

Rats in a box

Posted in Life & Writing

A metaphor that’s as disturbing as it is useful.

Play and Life

Posted in Life

Just some thoughts on playing and life and how they intertwine… Enjoy!

Wake-up Call

Posted in Life

Sometimes, the clearest thinking comes from an 11-year old.

Five for the hospitals

Posted in Life

Ever been in a hospital? Have any complaints? These are mine.

Author Schedule 2013

Posted in Life & Writing

Upcoming events I’ll be attending in 2013. I hope to see you at one!

Come see me at Book Expo America!

Posted in Life & Writing

Hey everyone, I’ll be signing galleys of Dragon Run at Book Expo America on Friday, May 31st at 2:30. I’ll be in the SFWA booth (#2625). If you get a chance, stop by and say hi!

True vs Right

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Sometimes, there’s a world of difference between the “right” answer and the “true” answer.

One Thousand Stories

Posted in Life & Writing

Sometimes, the cliches are true. Here’s the story of how I lucked into making one work for me.

On Communicating

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This thought started with a presentation to a bunch of fifth graders and was finished off by late night fever dreams. What do you think? Am I right?

Missing The Hobbit

Posted in Life & Writing

Have you ever wished a movie was bad? In this case, I would have preferred it to what happened.