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I created this game years ago when my kids were very young. Since then, it has spread across the neighborhood, and even into schools. When I drive through the neighborhood, it’s not uncommon for me to have kids running beside the car as they shout “Ninja!”

How to Play

You get a point every time you successfully surprise someone by sneaking up on them and shouting “Ninja!” This is called Ninja-ing, as in “man, I totally ninja-ed you.” You’re not allowed to touch the person when you ninja. All you can do is shout “Ninja!”.

If you sense that you’re about to be ninja’ed, you can shout “Samurai!” to get a point – and stop them from Ninja-ing you.

When to Play

This is a lifestyle game, one you play all the time. It never stops, and new players are brought in all the time. I’ve been ninja’ed while coaching a soccer game. I’ve also been ninja’ed when speaking at schools. You are never safe from being ninja’ed.

Optional Rule

We have a ninja safe-zone in our house, and that’s the bed. When you’re in your bed, you can’t be ninja-ed. This stops you from being awakened by a ninja scream at 3am.


As with most lifestyle games, there’s really no reason to keep score with this one. Getting a point is enough. Don’t get sucked into arguments about who is winning. This is just about having fun.



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Posted August 26, 2015 in Games