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I grew up in the countryside of north Delaware, surrounded by woods, corn fields, and acres of unexplored wilderness.

In that kind of a world, who wouldn’t be drawn to adventure? Rock climbing, caving, hiking, cycling, canoeing, and hopping freight trains as they rumbled through Newark were all a part of my growing up.

I suppose you could say that wasn’t always a good thing, but I adventure the way some people buy clothes, trying on different experiences to see how they fit.

When I wasn’t exploring, books and games were the centerpiece of my life. I read voraciously, and my friends and I played just about any game we could find, making up our own as often as not.

I worked through college as a software developer, and after graduation I moved to Chicago to continue that work. Chicago was an entirely different sort of wilderness than the one I was used to, but every bit as exciting, with adventures all its own.

After a few years there, however, I was ready for something new. I moved to Florida to help a friend start a software business, and spent the next fifteen (or so) years building it.

My love for games, reading, and writing never left me. I started my own game company on the side, and began working more seriously as a writer. I wrote a newspaper column (DaddyTales), worked as a contract reporter, and produced the Games for Educators website, with Mary Couzin.

During that time, I sold my portion of the software company so I could work from home, and spend as much time as possible with my kids. 

I no longer work from home, but I still support myself and my family with my three professional passions: writing, game design, and software development. Even better, I have a family that is a willing partner in my search for adventure.

And what could be better than that?

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Posted August 25, 2015 in Life