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The cutting room floor

Whenever I give a talk about writing, I always make sure to tell writers to keep what they write, regardless of how good or bad it may seem. You never know when it’s going to come in handy.

For me, there’s another reason: it makes cutting easier.

Like every writer, I have encountered the dreaded “cut what you love” moment. It’s where you have a scene that is absolutely perfect in every way – except it detracts or distracts from the overall piece.

For me, knowing that I may some day uses these scenes makes cutting them easier.

How can I use them? By posting them as “lost scenes” on my web site.

I just put the first two “lost scenes” for Dragon Run up at http://www.dragon-run.com/lostchapters.htm

I hope you enjoy them!

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Posted May 3, 2013 in Writing