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As most of you know, Dragon Run is my first published novel, and I’m having a ton of fun going to schools and talking about it. The feedback has been fantastic, and I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing experience. The emails I’m getting from kids and parents are so incredibly supportive… I just can’t be grateful enough.

However, I’m also getting a lot of feedback from People Who Know that I need to have more comments and ratings in the online bookstores.

You see, I’m a new author. People don’t know me. They don’t know to give the book a chance, so they look to the comments to help them make their decision. Most of my readers, though, aren’t old enough to be posting comments online. That leaves me in something of a quandry.

So what I’m asking is this: if you or your child has already read the book, please post a rating or a review on your favorite online bookstore.

I’m not asking for dishonesty here. Be honest. Rate it however you’d like to rate it. Tell people what you really think of the book. We don’t want to trick people into buying it. We want to give them honest review information that they have no other way of getting.

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it!

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Posted March 9, 2013 in Life & Writing