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Guide Miner Macky to the Gold!

Miner Macky has finally hit the motherlode. He's discovered a network of old abandoned mines, and now all he has to do is dig out the gold to be rich beyond his wildest dreams!

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Guiding Macky

Either use the arrow keys on your keyboard or click the arrows on the screen to move Macky. Be careful, though, there are all sorts of things down here, and Macky won't leave a mine until he has all the gold that's there to be had. One wrong step and Macky can find himself trapped at the bottom of a very deep hole. Dig out all the gold from each mine, and return to the top left corner of the screen.


Whenever Macky moves down, he's always careful to hang a ladder behind him - even if it's just hanging from the bottom rung of the ladder above it. Macky can only climb up if there's a ladder above him. He can jump sideways from ladder to ladder. However, when Macky's falling he can't catch himself on a ladder - he drops until he hits something solid. Macky also can't stand on the top rung of a ladder below him. Each ladder costs Mackey 1 ounce of gold, so try not to use too many of them.


Mackey's pretty strong - he can push a single boulder if there's nothing behind it, and he can even survive one falling on his head. He'd rather avoid that, though. Watch out for falling Boulders - they'll usually take out the first ladder they hit.


Macky can't dig through the daggone rock, so stop trying.
No, really. I mean it. He hates it when you try to make him dig through rock.


This is basically the stuff between Macky and the gold. Dig all you like. Just remember that you need something to stand on when you're trying to get back out.

Empty Space

Sometimes empty space is the most dangerous thing Macky will run across. Macky can't stand on empty space, so be careful where you dig! A short tumble with no ladders above him means he's stuck at the bottom of a mine shaft.

Gold, sweet gold

Don't forget why Mackey's here! Leaving those expensive ladders behind costs 1 ounce of gold per ladder. Digging up new gold gets him 10 ounces. Restarting a mine costs 90 gold. Dig out all the gold, and then return to the entrance (the top left corner) to move on to the next mine.


If poor old Macky really gets stuck, you can click Restart Mine - but it will cost you 90 gold (for the rescue team). And, of course, you can always start back at the beginning by clicking Restart Game. He'd much prefer just getting the gold and returning the way he came!

Go Play!

Still reading? Go get digging! Poor old Macky isn't getting any younger. There are 10 different caves to dig through. Fortunately, Macky has a strong back.