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6 Questions with Tom Jolly

Tom Jolly

Tom Jolly’s an award winning game designer, as well as a prolific short story writer. His new novel, An Unusual Practice, will be out any day now!

6 Questions with Jack Degnan

Jack Degnan

This week’s chat is with Jack Degnan, award-winning game designer and TAGIE award-winner!

6 Questions with Kim Vandenbroucke

Kim Playing Build Up

A chat with Kim Vandenbroucke, award-winning game designer and host of The Game Aisle!

6 Questions with Stacie Ramey

Stacie Ramey

Meet Stacie Ramey, award-winning YA author!

6 Questions with Judith Keim

Judith Keim

6 Questions with Judith Keim, author of romantic women’s fiction!

About Me

Interested in learning more about me? Here’s my bio!

Interview at AuthorTurf

I just did a fun interview at Author Turf. It’s easily the longest interview I’ve ever done, with lots of interesting questions.

A debutante’s ball

I just did a fun interview as a debutante author. Lots of fun, and there’s a giveaway at the end!

Stumped on Character

As a writer, the request to describe your main character should be super easy, shouldn’t it? Not for me.