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These are my general posts, the ones about life and the random things that happen to all of us. Enjoy!

I need some help…

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What does a new author need most? Reviews. I could use your help on this one!

Best signing ever

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Signing autographs is always fun, and talking to kids about Dragon Run raises the fun even higher, but this… this took me to a place I never expected. Wow.

Book Fairs!

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Hey everyone, I’m starting to do appearances at book fairs and schools. Lawton Elementary is on 2/6, with lots more to come. If I’m not at your school, and you’d like me to be, just drop me a line!

If you’re not cheating…

Posted in Games & Life

How do you finish this sentence: “If you’re not cheating,…”?

An awkward pause

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Every once in a while, a conversation goes to a surprising place. I’m pretty sure this time, it was my fault.