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I grew up in the countryside of north Delaware, surrounded by woods, corn fields, and acres of unexplored wilderness.

When I wasn’t exploring or sneaking television, books and games were the┬ácenterpiece of my life. I read voraciously, and my friends and I played just about any game we could find, making up our own as often as not.

Vacations were spent camping, of course, and searching for any adventure that would have me. From climbing Mt. Washington to rock climbing the Needles of South Dakota to hopping freight trains as they rumbled through Newark, adventures did make themselves available.

I suppose you could say that wasn’t always a good thing, but I adventure like some people buy clothes, trying on different experiences to see how they fit.

I worked through college as a software developer, and after graduation I moved to Chicago to continue that work. Chicago was an entirely different sort of wilderness than the one I was used to, but every bit as exciting, with adventures all their own.

After a few years there, however, I was ready for something new. I moved to Florida to help a friend start a software business, and spent the next fifteen (or so) years trying to grow it. My love for games, reading, and writing never left me, though. I started my own game company on the side, and started getting serious about my writing (both fiction and DaddyTales).

Now I support myself and my family with my three professional passions: writing, game design, and software development. Even better, I have a family that is a willing partner in my search for adventure.

And what could be better than that?

A local newspaper ran a story about one of my school visits. It was tons of fun. Check it out!

Posted August 25, 2015 in Life