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  1. Play and Life

    Just some thoughts on playing and life and how they intertwine… Enjoy!

  2. Wake-up Call

    Sometimes, the clearest thinking comes from an 11-year old.

  3. Five for the hospitals

    Ever been in a hospital? Have any complaints? These are mine.

  4. A debutante’s ball

    I just did a fun interview as a debutante author. Lots of fun, and there’s a giveaway at the end!

  5. The World’s Easiest Word Game

    As you might imagine, I play a *lot* of games. Here’s one you can play for free. Enjoy!



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Distraction is a laugh-out-loud card game published by ThinkFun, where players take turns drawing number cards and remembering a growing sequence of digits.

This game isn't about memory, though. It's about distractions and distracting your opponents.

Get more information here!

Dragon Run

Dragon RunDragon Run is a fast-paced fantasy adventure published by Scholastic in March of 2013.

It's about a boy living in a world ruled by dragons, and what he discovers about them.

At the book's web site, you can learn about Testing Day, magic, read a lost chapter or two, even find out where you would fit into the book, if you were a character!

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