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Abigail's Dragons is taking a lot longer to produce than expected. In the meantime, Second Story Up has discounted Bradley’s Dragons. Get it now for only $2.99!

Bradley's Dragons

Bradley’s Dragons

Bradley Nash doesn’t know anything about hunters, or dragons, or even magic. Except for his panic attacks, he figures he’s a regular kid. He couldn’t be more wrong.

If he doesn't decide who he is soon, he'll lose everything

The Boy With The Sword

The Boy With The Sword

At last, Al is back home, but his home is in more danger than ever before. What can one boy with a sword do to save it?

Find out in this action-packed sequel to Dragon Run!

Dragon Run

Dragon Run

Dragon Run is a fast-paced fantasy adventure published by Scholastic.

Al lives in a world ruled by dragons. Everyone accepts that dragons are the rightful rulers, the protectors of the mortal races.

Could they all be wrong?

Ghost In the Ruby


Each Mathfinder book contains an exciting mystery adventure, featuring you as the star.

To move through the story, you solve illustrated Mathfinder puzzles.

Can you be the Mathfinder?



Published by ThinkFun, this is the laugh-out-loud memory game you've been waiting for.

It's not about remembering. It's about distracting!



A newspaper column that ran for 6 years in the Seminole Chronicle, DaddyTales is for everyone who has ever been (or is about to be) a parent.

I hope you enjoy the tales!

Live Oak Games

Games for the whole family

Before changing to game design, Live Oak Games produced its own line of multiple-award winning family games.

Visit the site for rules, FAQs, and designer notes for all my games.